You may need to go home with a catheter in your bladder after surgery. Usually, you will need to wear the catheter for several days to several weeks while your bladder recovers.

There are two different types of catheters. We will tell you before surgery which type you will have.

Typically, the urinary system is clear, although sometimes there is a bit of blood or tissue in the tube or bag.

Foley (urethral) catheter

This type of catheter is placed in your bladder through your urethra (urinary tube). If you go home with a urethral catheter, a nurse will come to your home on a specified date to remove the catheter and check to see how much urine is left in your bladder.

While the foley catheter is in your bladder, you should keep it taped snugly to your thigh, so it does not pull on your urethra (urinary tube). You should empty the bag several times a day and before you go to bed. You may resume all normal postoperative activities, including showering while the catheter is in place.

Suprapubic catheter

This type of catheter is placed in your bladder through an small incision in your abdomen. If you have this type of catheter, we will teach you how to use it while you are in the hospital.

When to call our office

If you have a strong (even painful) feeling to urinate and there is no urine going into your bag, the catheter may be blocked. Also, if the urine is very bloody, please call the office at 314-747-1402.