A defecogram is a special x-ray exam that can detect problems with the pelvic floor and rectum with minimal risk and discomfort.

Reasons defecogram testing is performed

The defecogram is useful for identifying rectal intussusception, rectocele, rectal prolapse and anismus. A defecating proctogram or defecogram is a special test that can be very important in helping to determine the cause of a patients symptoms of fecal incontinence or difficult defecation. The information provided by this test can be critical in helping to understand and treat the cause of the condition.

Defecography may also be needed to help understand vaginal prolapse. By inserting paste into the vagina and dye into the bladder, the study may help reveal which organs are prolapsing into the vaginal hernia.

What to can expect

Patients will be asked to drink oral contrast, a liquid that will help the intestines show up more clearly on x-ray film.  Then the rectum will be filled with a thick, X-ray visible paste to simulate a loose stool.  X-ray pictures will be taken of the pelvis as the patient squeezes their pelvic muscles and then eliminate the paste on a special commode. This test is not painful.