Our specialists provide both basic and advanced testing to evaluate patients with pelvic floor disorders.

An examination or procedure below may be recommended to help us identify and better understand the cause of your symptoms. These studies are performed in the office and are typically very well-tolerated. We will review your options carefully to help you make decisions about the testing and care you would like to receive.

For urinary and bladder disorders

  • Cystoscopy: Evaluates the bladder and urethra (lower urinary tract)
  • Urodynamic testing: Helps identify the cause of bladder and urethral problems, including urinary (bladder) incontinence

For fecal and rectal disorders

  • Defecogram: Detects rectal and other pelvic floor issues with minimal discomfort
  • Anal-rectal manometry: Helps determine specific causes of fecal incontinence or constipation