Our team is devoted to providing each of our patients the highest quality of female pelvic medical and surgical care available.

When you see a new doctor, it’s common to have questions about what to expect at your first visit. See the resources and guide below to learn more about your visit.

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What to bring to your first appointment

  • Insurance card and co-payment, if applicable (see accepted health insurance plans)
  • Physician referral, if required by your insurance provider
  • Referring physician’s name and address
  • Completed patient form
  • Copies of other medical records, if appropriate
  • Current medication bottle(s)
  • Arrive with your bladder comfortably full in order to be evaluated properly

A typical visit

You will be seen in a private examination room and have your blood pressure measured by a nurse. The nurse will also review any allergies and medications with you.

We may need to test your urine by either having you provide a sample in a cup or by passing a small catheter into your bladder to collect a sterile sample.

After the doctor has recorded your medical history, you will be examined. For the examination, we will give you privacy to undress from the waist down and provide you a sheet for cover. You may need to be examined while standing, as well as lying down with your feet in the supports. You may lose urine or bowel control during portions of the examination. This is actually a very important finding, so we want you to be comfortable enough that you are not embarrassed.

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Following the examination, your doctor will discuss any further testing that is recommended, as well as treatments that may be offered to you. When your visit is complete, you will return to the reception desk, where our service representatives will be happy to answer questions about scheduling future tests or treatments.